How To Become A Good Tour Guide

As a tour guide, you experience on a daily basis what others only go through on vocation. This includes meeting and making friends with people from different parts of the world and visiting some awe-aspiring sites. You should, nonetheless, not translate this to mean the job is easy. Being a tour guide comes with challenges and as such requires hard work and dedication.
Below are tips on how to become a good tour guide.

Strategies to become an effective tour guide

• Always face your audience as opposed your subjects Do not become so engrossed on what you are talking about to the point you turn your back on your tourists. You can achieve this by asking one member of the crowd to always alert you whenever they can’t get you clearly.

• Be personal

Your guests value so much the personal connections they create with you. So, have a couple of personal anecdotes at hand and use them to create a friendly mood. The narratives can be stories from tours you did in the past or even about your experiences in life. Creating a personal atmosphere helps you make their stay with you memorable.

• Charisma

As a tour guide, you normally have several people in your group (from 2 to 20). Each of them, for the better part of your stay, looks up to you both for information and entertainment. So, being charismatic will help you reduce the boredom. If you are not naturally charismatic, practice gradually by every day looking for ways to charm your group.

• Stay informed

You must have sound knowledge of what you are talking about. So, have at hand figures, facts and any other information someone on a tour might inquire from you. Research widely. Whenever you answer a question posed by any of your group members, reflect on how you answered it to find out how you could better respond to the same question in future.

• Excellent problem-solving skills

Problems are bound to arise. Problems range from a breakdown of the tour bus to one person getting ill and requiring urgent medical attention. In such instances, your good problem-solving skills will come in handy. The skills enable you to quickly and easily deal with any issue that comes your way.

• Patience

Patience, lots of it, is a crucial attribute of a great tour guide. When you are explaining an elaborate historical event and answering a question that you have already answered several times previous you require a high level of patience. Similarly, walking as slow as possible, as
you occasionally wait for some members to catch up with you requires tolerance.

• Empathy

Always remember what is obvious to you may be entirely new to you tourists. On the contrary, that which appears less to you (especially when giving information) can be more to your group members. So, always be brief in everything you say. If your tourists need more they will ask.
That is better than explaining something for long when they are eager to move
on to the next thing.


A Vocation is not about listening to others; it is about interacting with other people and making friends. This can be other travelers or you, the tour guide. So, engage your tourists and encourage them to interact amongst themselves. As for you, do everything you can to have factual information and to entertain your guests. This way you will make their vacation


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